The Marley Beverage Company has teamed up with The Hot Yoga Spot to promote their all new and all natural beverages. These coffees, green teas, club sodas and more will be available at all studio locations on Tuesday, May 24, for you to grab your free can before and after class.

Bob Marley lived naturally and practiced a philosophy of enjoying only natural, unprocessed ingredients with the strong belief in a higher power of how natural ingredients affect the body and mind. That’s where our story begins, with a commitment to great tasting, natural and functional beverages. Then the story becomes yours. If you want to relax and get ready for the pure experience of a moment, or if you want to indulge in everything the moment has to offer, there’s a great tasting Marley Beverage product for you. The Marley Beverage Company invites you to this complimentary class to sip back, relax and savor life’s moments. Learn more about the company and drinks by visiting

May 22, 2016 Dave Borland