HIIT Summer Kickoff
This 6 week program is a great way to kick start new fitness goals or to complement the workouts you are already doing. The high intensity interval training classes are designed to work in peak cardio zones, maximizing calorie and fat burn while simultaneously building strength with body weight movements. The class is accessible for all fitness levels and can be modified to suit individual needs.
We have opportunities to participate in this program, both before and after work. Check out the dates below and join us for some sweaty fun at The Hot Yoga Spot Stuyvesant Plaza.
June 21-July 28 
Wednesday & Friday mornings 
5:00-6:00am or 6:00-7:00am
July 7-August 10
Monday & Wednesday evenings
  • Program costs $279 for twelve sessions and a one month supply of nutritious and all natural protein shakes and energy drinks to help with early morning workouts and recovery.
  • If you can’t make it everyday, you can opt for the half time program that costs $179. Half time consists of one class a week for six weeks or two classes a week for three weeks.
  • Sign up with a friend and you each enjoy a $20 discount.
June 9, 2017 Dave Borland