The Hot Yoga Spot proudly partners with Jade, RX Bars, Charged Jewelry, Studio Only, Funky Yoga, and more to bring you the best clothing and accessories.

Healthy Life

Some of the nutritious items you will find at The Hot Yoga Spot boutique include RX Bars, Coconut Water, Arbonne Protein Shakes & Energy Enhancers and more. These products are designed to fuel you and help you live your healthiest life.

Cute and Comfy

Our boutique has an assortment of quality apparel that is both cute and comfortable. Items include headbands, sports bras, moisture wicking tops & bottoms, zip-ups, and everything in between. Items are always available in an assortment of sizes, colors and styles.

Yoga Accessories

Our boutique is the perfect place to purchase a yoga mat, yoga towel, steel or plastic bottle, yoga journal, or anything you need to complement your practice.