Membership Perks

Unlimited Membership Perks at The Hot Yoga Spot

Learn more about why it makes sense to be a member and how you can get unlimited access to the powerful community we've cultivated across the Capital Region.

Annual Unlimited

This package is a one time purchase that lasts for 365 days of unlimited classes. When you break it down for 12 months, it is our most affordable membership option.

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Unlimited Auto-Renew

This plan renews every 30 days so you never have an interruption in classes or services. It can be cancelled at no extra fee after the first three months or it will renew indefinitely.

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Have It All...

Having a membership at The Hot Yoga Spot comes with some serious perks. In addition to unlimited access to in studio hot yoga and barre fitness classes, you also receive the following:

  • Free access to The Hot Yoga Spot On Demand ($240 value)
  • Free access to all live-streamed Zoom classes
  • Early access to book special events and pre-register for classes

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