This is a training for anyone who works with youth - school teachers, school counselors, aides, coaches, community center employees, police officers, etc. You will learn through personal experience, a set of tools to teach basic yoga poses, breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques to youth as a part of how you already work with them. The training will also give an introduction as to why and how these tools can help people who have experienced trauma. You will be given valuable tools that will teach you to care for yourself first so you can more effectively serve others.

This training covers how yoga, meditation and self-inquiry are powerful tools for your own self-care, but also through your own personal experience, how you can share them with others.


$99 registration fee for those currently working with youth (including educators, school counselors, aides, coaches, community center employees, first responders, law enforcement). For those not currently working with youth on a regular basis, the cost of the training is a $199 donation to the Baptiste Foundation.

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