Unlimited Memberships

To our current unlimited members...

We want to take a moment to express our deep gratitude. This is a scary time for small businesses and The Hot Yoga Spot is no exception. Having the love and support of our community right now has kept us going and has motivated us to rise to the occasion and give back to the community with free classes and ways to foster connection. Likewise, having students still contributing financially to the studio while we are closed helps us pay our teaching team for online content and maintain studio expenses so we are able to open again when this is all over.

Not only are we extremely grateful for your support, but we also want to do something to express our thanks. For that reason, we created our Steadfast Membership Perks. These are special gifts for any members who have kept their unlimited packages active and they can be enjoyed for six months once we reopen. If you have already suspended your membership but have been enjoying our classes online or realize that you were not impacted financially by this pandemic, we urge you to consider activating your membership again. You'll be helping out The Hot Yoga Spot and you'll be able to enjoy these special offers:

1 free guest pass each month

10% off all special events

10% off all branded merchandise

$250 off Styles Yoga teacher training

The Hot Yoga Spot On Demand

This includes everything from yoga and barre classes to journal readings, nutrition tips, pose tutorials, breathing exercises and more. Little gifts from our community to you. Click here to check out The Hot Yoga Spot On Demand.

If you suspended your plan previously but want to continue it again now to enjoy these special perks and help the studio when we need it, please email us and we can help. We know the initial reaction to a business temporarily closing is to cancel or suspend. However, if The Hot Yoga Spot has been there for you in the past and you are financially able to be there for us now, know that it is deeply appreciated.

And if you have an auto-renew but can't continue to keep it while we are closed, please let us know that also. Although we appreciate people wanting to stand by us during this time, if you have lost income and it is not financially feasible, we would never want our membership to be a burden on your and your family.

Email Us To Start Or Pause Your Auto-Renew