The Hot Yoga Spot 

The Hot Yoga Spot is a hot yoga and barre fitness facility with six New York locations in Albany, Binghamton, Clifton Park, East Greenbush, Latham and Saratoga Springs. We offer a robust daily schedule with options for both beginner and advanced students. With 50 talented instructors and more than 200 weekly sessions, we are the coolest way to get hot. Come get hot and reserve your spot.

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Want to look and feel younger? Meditation helps your body repair injuries and illnesses that have stuck around due to stress’ long-term effects. These appear in the form of lost or disrupted sleep, systematic inflammation, a state of chronic acidity, a decrease in mental clarity and pain. . . Stress related disruptions like these accelerate the aging process and heighten the rate at which you look and feel older. Starting a meditation process is a great way to feel your best and slow down the aging process. ❤️

Do you practice mindfulness? It’s a way to feel/be present and to shift out of distracting thoughts. . . Mindfulness is simply shifting your focus into the now since you can’t focus on two things at once. . . Next time you find your mind wandering, just get yourself to focus on the present moment. Continue this practice through the day and you will find it happening more naturally over time. . . Staying present allows you to truly experience your life. . . Comment an emoji below if you plan on giving it a try or already do this!!🙌