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Read an interview with owner of The Hot Yoga Spot, Jessica Fuller, about how COVID-19 has impacted her businesses and others.

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However, small businesses that could not get help from the federal programs for COVID relief were able to get help from a county grant program.

The owner of a yoga studio says the aid helped her recoup costs of buying new air filters, PPE and other needs.

Watch the owner of The Hot Yoga Spot discuss this grant program here.

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The Hot Yoga Spot Founder, Jessica Fuller, was featured in UAlbany Alumni Magazine as a former student who has done great things in the community.

"Jessica (Lustig) Fuller probably never foresaw that her decision to enroll at UAlbany would impact just about every facet of her life, from where she lives to the purple-painted walls of her business, The Hot Yoga Spot. But it has.

A practitioner of yoga since her teens, Fuller began working out in local studios and, at age 23, hit upon the idea of starting her own, close to UAlbany. She established The Hot Yoga...

March Madness Is Back At The Hot Yoga Spot

March Madness is a great way to dedicate yourself to being present on your mat and in your life. Try new things and switch up your routine to create positive changes in your body and mind. Enjoy all of this while also earning great prizes.

The Hot Yoga Spot has been offering the March Madness competition for eight years and it is always fun for everyone. Each year, the enthusiasm and participation grows and we love to reward you for your commitment. We have a new twist on our classic contest this year to make the challenge more exciting and the rewards even better. Hopefully, you are...

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As many of us still work from home and the world is ever-changing, some of us feel like there’s no escape from home. You might be looking for a way to relieve some stress with some peace and serenity in your home. The answer could be as simple as finding the perfect place in your house for a yoga space.

Whether you live in a studio apartment in Seattle, WA or a large home in Dallas, TX, all you need is a little space and some calming decor for the perfect at home yoga...


Do you make a New Year's Resolution every year and find that you have given up or forgotten it before you've had a chance to see any results? Chances are it is the same part of your life that needs improvement every time so you set the same goal year after year.

The Hot Yoga Spot has put together a list of ways you can stay on track and live your best life. Most of these tips can be employed to help you reach any goal, whether it is losing weight, creating more time for exercise, finding a job you enjoy, spending more time being mindful, enjoying more adventures, or anything else...

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Albany County officials and community partners create $500,000 grant program for small businesses.

Watch The Hot Yoga Spot Founder, Jessica Fuller, speak about what this means for small business and how it inspires hope for better things to come in 2021.

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