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"Some people come to The Hot Yoga Spot every day and don’t go to any other studios, and they feel great and it works well for them. Others come as a supplement for other workouts. If you are doing other programs, you still need the yoga to counteract what you're doing in those workouts. Our business complements other fitness brands instead of competing with them—we’ll team up with other places and do events. It gets new clients in our doors and shows them the benefits of hot yoga that their current workouts don’t cover."


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Are you looking for help committing to health and wellness all summer long? We've got your back! The Hot Yoga Spot is hosting its third annual Downward Dog Days of Summer Challenge. The rules are simple and the rewards are sweet:

  • Take 55 classes at The Hot Yoga Spot in July & August.
  • Upon completion, receive 10 free sessions to be enjoyed in September and a special, limited edition tank top.
  • You can attend class and participate at all five locations.
  • There is no need to register in advance or fill out any forms.
  • Simply...
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Jessica Fuller, Founder & C.E.O. of The Hot Yoga Spot was featured on for her advice on how to practice hot yoga at home.

"Jessica Fuller, instructor, and founder of The Hot Yoga Spot suggests painting the walls a soothing color, add a few paintings, a little waterfall, a plant, meditation pillows, candles or a statue to enhance the space. She also recommends...

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The Hot Yoga Spot founder, Jessica Fuller, was recently featured in Mindful Studio Magazine. "Yoga teaches us to push aside ego, learn from others, accept help and embrace guidance. The dream of opening a yoga studio is sometimes foolishly dismissed as unrealistic, but of course it is possible. With yoga, anything is. And it is possible to open a successful studio and for you to shape your future by exploring the franchise options available to you."

Learn more about her thoughts on how to open a yoga studio and how becoming part of a franchise can help


June 21 - Yoga Fundraiser

Looking for outdoor yoga classes outside of NYC? Look no further than The Hot Yoga Spot! We have a variety of outdoor events scheduled for this summer and can't wait to meet you on the mat. Read on to learn more about our next three outdoor yoga events:

Annual Yoga Fundraiser - June 21st

Celebrate international yoga day AND the first official day of summer at our annual yoga fundraiser! This event is free and open to the public, and all donations will be given to the...

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MVP Health Care's YogaPalooza happens Saturday, September 14, at 11:00 AM.


Join The Hot Yoga Spot and Complexions Spa for our outdoor yoga series.

These special classes are the perfect way to celebrate summer and enjoy the ultimate in relaxation and pampering from your favorite Saratoga wellness destinations. Each event will feature an all levels yoga class taught by talented teachers from The Hot Yoga Spot. When you sign up to participate in the event, you also get a day pass to enjoy the luxurious amenities at Complexions Spa for the ultimate in pampering.

All sessions take place at Complexions Spa in Saratoga Springs. The yoga happens on the...

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There are a lot of myths about hot yoga that keep people from trying it out, even though most of them are completely untrue. In this post, we’re going to debunk the biggest myths about hot yoga and hopefully, entice more people to join our growing community.

Myth #1: I have to be flexible.

The biggest misconception about hot yoga — or, indeed, any type of yoga — is that you have to be flexible. But do note that the ability to bend and twist is not a prerequisite to any yoga practice; it’s actually something that you develop over time. There are modifications...

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Owner of The Hot Yoga Spot, Jessica Fuller, was interviewed for her opinion on best website platforms for franchises:

“I use SpaceCraft for my franchise website. They were a natural choice because I also use them for my other businesses and corporate-owned locations,” Jessica Fuller, founder and CEO of The Hot Yoga Spot, wrote in an email. “The platform is easy to use, provides plenty of customization options, integrates SEO and provides easy-to-understand...

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With the variety of yoga classes available at The Hot Yoga Spot, beginner students and those new to our studios may not know which class they should take first. If you find yourself in this situation, keep reading to learn a bit more about the classes we offer at our New York yoga studio.

1.) Beginner Sessions

Our beginner yoga classes are created for newbies in mind and have a slower flow and more detailed pose descriptions. These are perfect for those who haven't taken a yoga class in a while, or even seasoned yogis who want to slow it down. Beginner level...