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With work, school, social plans, and the stresses and responsibilities of everyday life, finding time for a yoga may seem like an impossible task. However, finding time to visit your local studio can offer many benefits, especially when you're experiencing stress. Regular participation in yoga classes will help relieve stress, and give you the energy and positive mindset to tackle your busiest days. Read on to see how yoga classes can offer...

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This week's #teacherfeature is our talented instructor, Julia. Julia has been part of our community since 2013 when she started taking our yoga and barre classes. She quickly fell in love with our community and after completing our training program, she joined our team in 2014. In addition to teaching every week at our Albany location, Julia loves to spend her time hanging out at home with her husband and pets. She is an animal lover who...

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We're doing something fun and it wouldn't be the same without you. Check out the details below! Click here to learn more and register for the fun.

The Hot Yoga Spot- 75 Woodlawn Ave. Saratoga springs.

April 20th from 8:00a-11:00am

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This week’s #TeacherFeature is our talented talented, Jennie. Jennie has been leading Bikram sessions for years and is a knowledgable and terrific instructor. She is as passionate about practicing as she is about teaching and makes sure to take class regularly. Jennie works full time as a dietician in addition to teaching multiple classes each week at our studio in Saratoga Springs. When not at The Hot Yoga Spot, you can find Jennie enjoying...

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The weather has been less than ideal so far this spring for baseball teams looking to practice and play outside. The Garnet Raiders are using Hot Yoga to help stay loose and prepare for the season. Enjoy some great footage of the high school boys team from Colonie taking their first hot yoga class at The Hot Yoga Spot to build strength and focus for the upcoming season.


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This week’s #teacherfeature is our immensely talented, Vicki. Vicki was the first instructor to join our team when we opened The Hot Yoga Spot in Clifton Park almost 5 years ago. In addition to teaching weekly sessions at our studios in Clifton Park and Albany, she also owns the allergen-free bakery, Alexander’s Bakery. Vicki is an immensely kind person who always makes time for her family and friends. She has a warm heart and her compassion...

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Are you looking for a fitness class that can give you the results you want? Barre classes are a great way to get moving and they can help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals. Set to upbeat music, Barre pulls inspiration from a variety of exercises from ballet to cardio, and is a fun, joint-friendly way to get in shape. Read on to learn more about Barre classes, and try one at The Hot Yoga Spot today by taking advantage of our new...

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This week’s #teacherfeature is our fabulous instructor, Kristina. Kristina has been part of our community since she started taking classes with us more than three years ago. She quickly fell in love with The Hot Yoga Spot and did our Styles Yoga training program in late 2016. She has been part of our teaching team for more than a year and teaches an assortment of classes...

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The Hot Yoga Spot is, well, hot with our readers, especially because of the friendly knowledgeable instructors and for the facilities. Newcomers report that they are quickly at ease and clients of all levels say that their stress melts away.

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This week’s #TeacherFeature is our amazing instructor, Kayla. Kayla has been part of our community since she started practicing with us in early 2012. A year later she did her teacher training at The Hot Yoga Spot and quickly joined our teaching team. Kayla is a passionate person and constantly strives to improve her life and the lives of those around her. She is a lover of...