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Have you ever taken a moment to think about how your breath and body feel when you are relaxed as opposed to when you are stressed and tense? Next time you feel calm and relaxed, take note of how your body is feeling. Do you notice that your breath is slower and deeper? Without you even realizing it, those deeper breaths are sending signals to your brain to calm down and relax. In today’s post, we are going to be discussing a few excellent breathing exercises that you can incorporate into your daily routine or whenever you are feeling stressed in order to bring your body and mind back to a...


Good sleeping habits play an important part in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Quality sleep can improve memory, promote emotional stability, and plays an essential role in many of the body's healing and metabolic functions.

However, many people struggle with falling asleep and staying asleep. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to promote more restful sleep. For example, yoga poses that help with sleep can be a great way to unwind and de-stress before bed. In addition to the flexibility and relaxation benefits of yoga, just having a nightly pre-bedtime routine can be a...

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Stress levels around New York State have spiked in the last week and the Capital Region has not been immune. As the number of local diagnoses of COVID-19 rises and as officials encourage people to stay home, The Gazette spoke with a few local experts about how exercising at home is helping people cope with the stress of the constantly-shifting situation.

One of the most common at-home exercises that can help with stress-management is yoga, and, despite having to close earlier this week, The Hot Yoga Spot hasn’t stopped offering classes; they’ve just shifted to virtual...

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Jessica Fuller, CEO and Owner of The Hot Yoga Spot, says "As long as you're not sick... keep going to the gym, going to a yoga studio, getting your sweat on... being a healthy person is the best way to continue being a healthy person."

Fuller tells CBS6’s Lynsey Smith that it's about reassuring her customers that steps are being taken to ensure cleanliness in her studios.

See the interview here

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The Hot Yoga Spot founder and C.E.O. was quoted in Livestrong about the importance of inclusivity in yoga and fitness.

"When Jessica Fuller decided to start teaching yoga in upstate New York, she was frustrated by the limited options for students who had chronic pain, arthritis or who were elderly or overweight.

So, she started her own studio, The Hot Yoga Spot, which now has nearly 50 instructors and offers a variety of hot yoga classes that are open to all, thanks to her emphasis on teacher...


Do you make a New Year's Resolution every year and find that you have given up or forgotten it before you've had a chance to see any results? Chances are it is the same part of your life that needs improvement every time so you set the same goal year after year.

The Hot Yoga Spot has put together a list of ways you can stay on track and live your best life. Most of these tips can be employed to help you reach any goal, whether it is losing weight, creating more time for exercise, finding a job you enjoy, spending more time being mindful, enjoying more adventures, or anything else...


As the new year comes around, many people are setting aside time to think about their goals for the upcoming year. These resolutions can come in many forms - whether you want to score a new job, make more time for yourself, start a new hobby, lose weight, or get stronger, a commitment to yoga can help you to reach all the other goals on your resolution list.

Yoga offers both immediate and long-term benefits for your body and mind. Not only does yoga contribute to your well-being, but it can also help you to realize your intentions and achieve your objectives. Starting a yoga...


The holidays are often about what we can do for others and that’s great. At the end of the day, nothing will make you feel better and more fulfilled than doing for others, promoting kindness and spreading cheer. That’s why we’ve been posting daily tips on ways to make others happier this holiday season with our December Kindness Calendar. Be sure to check it out and follow along with us daily to be your best self this month.

That being said, you can’t fill from an empty cup. The holidays are...