Teacher Training

The Hot Yoga Spot offers the very best in foundational and advanced yoga teacher training programs.

Teacher Training Open House

Styles Yoga 200 Hour

The Hot Yoga Spot in Latham & Albany. Begins September, 2018.

Styles Yoga is a professional and effective 200hr foundational teacher training program at The Hot Yoga Spot. Each training is intelligently organized and executed in a way that makes it a highly enjoyable life changing experience.

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Styles Yoga 300 Hour

The Hot Yoga Spot Albany. Next Module Begins Sept, 2018.

Styles Yoga offers a 300-hour supplementary instructor training program that will take your teachings and personal practice to the next level. There are four one-week modules, each of which will bring you deeper into anatomy, physiology, meditation, asana practice, advanced sequencing, and yoga philosophy. Enhance your skills instructing private lessons, workshops, advanced asana, and more.


Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

The Hot Yoga Spot Albany. September 29-30, 2018.

Join us for a weekend immersion training in the craft of Aerial Yoga.

This immersion will introduce you to the art of aerial yoga, as well as give you the beginning skills to teach aerial yoga classes.

Compass Mentorship Yoga Teacher Training

Compass Mentorship

The Hot Yoga Spot Clifton Park. September 30, 2018.

The Compass Mentorship Program is designed for anyone looking for growth and development on or off their mat.

High Peaks Yoga Teacher Training

High Peaks Teacher Training

The Hot Yoga Spot in Saratoga, NY. Begins October, 2018.

The High Peaks Hot Vinyasa 200 Hour Teacher Training offers Vinyasa/Hatha training to certify trainees to teach both hot and non-hot classes. Trainees will learn a foundational vinyasa sequence which will provide them with a framework for growing their personal teaching style. Trainees will study fundamental yoga postures, Sanskrit, sequencing, meditation and breath work, effective teaching skills, yoga history, philosophy and anatomy. Trainees will deepen their physical practice with a daily dose of two sessions with various instructors. Through daily posture clinics, trainees learn to properly instruct, correct and assist fundamental yoga poses and transitions, as well as identify modifications, benefits, and contraindications. In evening sessions, discussions will be centered on more specialized topics such as: yoga history, philosophy, ethics, lifestyle and business.

Hot 26 Revolution Yoga Teacher Training

Hot 26 Revolution 200 Hour

Programs beginning in Albany & in Binghamton in October 2018.

We will provide 200 hours of instruction including meditation, hot yoga classes, posture clinics and anatomy workshops.

Hot 26 Revolution is committed to the technique and philosophy the original hot yoga series. We train confident and knowledgeable teachers by providing a comprehensive study of the postures, anatomy and dialogue. We believe this yoga is for everybody and our approach is to teach with compassion to create an inclusive and healing environment. Once training is complete, graduates will have the tools to teach a confident, compassionate, and dialogue based class.

HOT 26 Revolution Immersion

Hot 26 Revolution Immersion

Programs beginning in Albany & in Binghamton in October 2018.

We provide 60 hours of instruction including meditation, hot yoga classes, posture clinics and anatomy workshops.